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Giblet Gravy



Product Description

Cajun cooking,  singing, dancing and laughing are the best Ingredients for giblet gravy –
Get you a Fried Turkey that’s Cajun seasoned and fried using Peanut Oil  set at 350 degrees in a very large heavy pot on a propane burner outside. Remove the heart, neck and gizzard and add a handful of white onion chopped, a handful of celery chopped and turkey stock to cover the above. Boil the giblet gravy ingredients for about an hour, then remove the meat from the bones and dice. Return meat to broth and add some dark roux, cream and a good measure of Cajun spices. Heat to boiling and then simmer for about 10 minutes.  There ya are! Cajun Giblet Gravy.

Chilled and packed in a plastic pint container. Just $5.00 per pint.

Your whole order can be picked up at the restaurant and save shipping charges. If you check “ Store Pick-Up  **Walk-In** ” when you process and pay for your order.